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Extend your awareness of products which contain asbestos by visiting our ACMs Gallery. We have compiled a gallery of photographs, taken during 2M Asbestos Surveys, to educate visitors about the many products which contain asbestos.

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Here you can find videos created or shared by 2M Asbestos.

10 Steps to Managing Asbestos – We put together a short video of the 10 steps required to ensure that you are managing asbestos in your property.

Source : 2M Asbestos Consultancy

Asbestos: What should I Know? – A short video from 2M Asbestos answering with information for some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from the public and customers.

Source: 2M Asbestos Consultancy

2M Asbestos Consultancy : Our Services – This is a short trailer of the services we at 2M Asbestos specialise in. These include asbestos surveys of all kinds, asbestos management, asbestos training and asbestos advice.

Source : 2M Asbestos Consultancy

An Asbestos Timeline – This is an educational video, created by 2M for a training seminar, about the history of asbestos regulations, law and prohibition.

Source : 2M Asbestos Consultancy


In this section, you can download or view PDFs which have been created or sourced by 2M Asbestos. These include information leaflets, facts about asbestos and guidance booklets from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).


Where asbestos hides in an Industrial Property


Where asbestos hides in a Residential Property



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