Asbestos Management

Asbestos Management 

How do you comply with the duty to manage?

Asbestos management of the ACM’s in your building(s)/ premises requires that you comply with your ‘duty to manage’. The duty to manage is a requirement of the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 and guidance is provided in the HSE publication “Managing Asbestos in Buildings: A brief guide”.

2M are experts in providing you all the services you will require to comply with these requirements. Not only in carrying out surveys, assessing the risk and providing training, but our advice and guidance can aid you in developing and implementing your written asbestos Management Plan.

Asbestos Management services

We will:

  • Conduct the appropriate, work-specific, survey for your requirements i.e. Domestic, Non-domestic/ Management, Refurbishment & Demolition. This will identify through, sampling & UKAS Accredited analysis, what ACM’s are present as well as their location and condition, through photographic data and asbestos building plans.
  • From the survey results, you will receive a written report detailing our findings & an Asbestos Management Register which will record the condition and location of any ACM’s. This allows you to comply with your duty to create up-to-date records of your ACM’s. This register will also…
  • create a Priority Risk Assessment, with input from you, which will enable you to give high priority to damaged materials and materials that are likely to be disturbed, in order to identify their need to be repaired or removed. Also, materials that are in good condition, can be easily identified as such, which allows them to remain and be managed.
  • This data will also be uploaded onto 2M’s Online Database which will allow you 24-hour access to all of your building(s)/ property data. This forms one component of your requirement, as duty-holder, to create a system for providing information on the location and condition of materials to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb identified ACM’s.


Once you have decided which materials you are going to leave in-place and manage, part of your ‘duty to manage’ will include;

  • the development of a long term asbestos management plan in order to continually monitor the condition and presence of ACM’s in your building(s).


In order to do this we can;

  •  work closely with you to tailor specific requirements, in order to create an asbestos management strategy plan for your building(s).
  •  carry out your Asbestos Inspection. These are required to inspect and update records relating to the condition of your ACM’s. This allows you to identify any damage which may have been sustained to materials. As you have an on-going requirement to assess and manage risk, this allows you to constantly comply with your ‘duty to manage’.
  • Update the Priority Risk Assessment, automatically via the 2M Online Database. 

If you choose to carry out your own inspections, you can access and download Asbestos Inspection data sheets from the 2M Online Database & we provide the relevant training courses for any personnel who wish to do this.

2M’s Online Database is currently the only online database in the UK to have ISO 9001 Accreditation. We currently have over 930 Customers with over 42,000 properties that we manage asbestos data for. In 2014, we delivered 72 Training courses to over 750 delegates.

Asbestos management duty manage

Asbestos management: Identify ACM’s, assess their risk and implement an asbestos Management Plan



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