2M Asbestos Database

The 2M Asbestos Database is the place where all of our services are compiled and collated into one area. Once works have been completed, whether they are from an Asbestos Survey, an asbestos sampling operation, updated Asbestos Registers after Inspection, Training courses etc. the data, or information collected, is kept on our Database and stored on secure servers. All these documents can be emailed or sent to Customers upon request and/or accessed by the 2M Online Database (see below).

The 2M Asbestos Database will supply your:

  • Survey Report(s),
  • Bulk Sample Results,
  • Plans,
  • Photos,
  • Asbestos Registers(s),
  • Priority Risk Assessment(s),
  • Priority 1 Register(s),
  • Training Records and Certificate(s).
2M Asbestos Database

The 2M Database provides all the documents and data collected from the works that have been actioned from the Customer.

Our database is annually audited, has International Standard ISO 9001 for Quality Management accreditation and complies with all requirements of Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the appropriate Guidance documents provided by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).


2M’s Online Database

2M’s Online Database is currently the only online database in the UK to have ISO 9001 Accreditation. We currently have over 930 Customers with over 42,000 properties that we manage asbestos data for.

We have the 2M Online Database which, upon creating your unique access details, allows Customers to access their data online. The 2M Online Database provides a Property Summary which easily allows Customers to:

  • view how many properties they manage;
  • view how many have been surveyed;
  • view how many properties have ACM’s;
  • view which properties are due Inspection;
  • view which properties are overdue Inspection
  • view which properties have Priority 1 materials. These are materials which require urgent remedial, encapsulation or removal works.
  • The 2M Online Database also allows access to historical records of works carried out at each property.

Furthermore, the 2M Online Database can automatically generate reminders which notifies Customers, via email, when their Inspections are due. Customers can then use the online features to :

  • View and Download the ACM Inspection sheets;
  • View and Download the relevant building plans and ACM plans.
  • View and Download the relevant photographs of the ACM’s.

We can import any existing asbestos data, property lists, property data etc. in various formats, into our system.

Below are a few example images to showcase some of the features of the 2M Online Database

2M Online Database Property Details

Property details provides information on the properties you manage

2M Online Database Property Details

Property Details allows you to access the data & information you require for a specific property you manage.

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