‘Hazardous’ asbestos fly-tippers cost taxpayers £5000

Islanders are being asked to help find the culprits who dumped bags of hazardous asbestos in a field in Jersey – costing taxpayers £5000.

Site of hazardous asbestos near Maufant.

The Department of the Environment say it was “the biggest pile of asbestos they’ve ever come across”.

Specialist contractors were called in to “contain and safely remove” the asbestos for health and safety reasons.

The Department of the Environment say it will cost cost taxpayers at least £5000 to clear the industrial waste.

Nine bin liners full of the hazardous toxin were left near Maufant overnight between the 6th and 7th December.

An investigation to find the culprits has been ongoing since Christmas, but authorities say they have reached the point where they “need the public’s help”.

David Monks, Head of Waste Regulation, branded the fly-tipping behavior as “unacceptable”

This is a fairly serious incident. It’s licensed asbestos that is particularly hazardous, it doesn’t happen very often in Jersey thankfully.

But we don’t want it to happen more often, so we really want to catch who is responsible for it – that’s why we need the public’s help.


Islanders are also being urged to come forwards with information on any businesses who may have disposed their asbestos waste in a suspicious manner.

We are really keen to hear from anyone who saw perhaps a neighbour or colleague at work loading nine black bin liners into a vehicle. They may have been wearing dust masks or gloves. Clearly individuals maybe a bit reluctant to ‘dob-in’ a neighbour or colleague, but this is a serious incident and those involved need to be caught to protect the public and the environment.


Authorities say that all information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Source: ITV News

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