Asbestos Surveys

We conduct all types of asbestos survey: Asbestos Management surveys, Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys


We advise Dutyholders & individuals on how to manage asbestos and how they can create their asbestos management plan.


We provide Training Courses to instruct Customers on how to safely work on, manage and remove asbestos products. Asbestos Awareness Training Training for Non-licensed asbestos works Training for...


The 2m Database provides Plans, Registers, Risk Assessments and Reports. The 2m Online Database allows Customers to access all of their data.

About Asbestos

Learn about asbestos. What is asbestos? Where is it found? What are the risks?

About 2M

Who are 2M Asbestos? Where do we operate? What are our Expertise & Credentials?
Asbestos removal, face mask
Asbestos removal, face mask
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